Which Suit to Wear to a Wedding or Function?

It’s sometimes difficult to choose the perfect suit for that wedding or function you want to attend. When choosing a suit make sure you don’t look like the father of the bride or the groom himself. Choosing the perfect tux or suit is half the battle when it comes to attending a wedding.

You can still look smart when going to a wedding without looking like one of the groomsmen. If you are a groomsman, you are definitely going to wear a tuxedo. If you’re just a guest, you’ll look good in just a plain suit. But who wants to plain? You can choose any colour for the wedding as long as you feel comfortable in it and don’t outshine the bridal couple.

If it’s a formal wedding, you’ll need a tuxedo even if you’re just a guest. Go with a black jacket with satin or grosgrain lapels, trousers, a bow tie and a matching cumber band. If it is a white tie or full evening dress event, you will want to go with a traditional tux with tails, a top hat, an overcoat, a cane, and, of course, a white tie. While it’s increasingly rare for weddings, this type of getup will sometimes be required. If you don’t like a tuxedo you can go for a black or charcoal-coloured suit with a formal shirt and a matching tie.

Black tie optional is a style that normally pops up for daytime weddings. You will look good wearing a classic dark coloured linen suit. For this look, you can wear a tie-less shirt with linen trousers in a grey, beige or blue colour. For a summer night-time wedding avoid wool suits, as the night could be quite warm plus you don’t want be caught dancing in a hot wool suit. For winter weddings go for a cotton or wool suit and make sure it’s a dark coloured suit like black or navy. Avoid white men’s suits at a night time wedding because with all the partying and dancing, your suit won’t be white at the end of the night. Make sure your suit fits well and you are comfortable enough to enjoy the wedding.

If it isn’t specified on the invitation what the attire should be, base your decision on time of day and in which season you’ll be attending the wedding. Generally, for a wedding it is always assumed that formal attire is required. So it’s best to have a formal men’s suit ready to wear.

Furthermore, don’t wear something more extravagant than the wedding party. The bridal couple should have the limelight.


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