Wedding Suits for Destination Weddings

So you’ve decided on having a beach wedding. Destination weddings have become very popular over the years. Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by the beautiful sounds of waves bashing against the rocks or the cool breeze blowing through your hair. These weddings are often wrongly characterised as an informal dressed down occasion, but it’s a more flexible, relaxed and perfectly customizable event.

Having a getaway wedding requires not much when it comes to men’s suits and all its accessories. Complete your wedding day by getting tailor made suits for you and your groomsmen. While many of these weddings are carried out with rolled up white linen trousers, white sandals or no shoes at all, these are not the only options. Choose a wedding suit that matches the climate and season you’re getting married in. There is an entire line of suits and tuxedos specifically made today to target the destination wedding market.

These types of suits are made lighter in colour and weight to give the wearer a more comfortable fit and a stylish look. Some popular choices that grooms go for is the tuxedo and suits that comes in varying shades of tan, thus matching the sand and stone of the earth. Tan tuxedos and suits can be a perfect balance between formal and relaxed. Navy blue tuxedos are also very popular as the blue shades are reminiscent of the sky and waters surrounding the beach. It gives you a nautical look. There are many options to choose from and the colours are endless for destination weddings as it depends on your chosen wedding colours.

This is your day so make it perfect whether you are wearing a wedding suit with formal shoes or with sandals. Wearing sandals or any other comfortable shoes would be ideal for a destination wedding. Mixing the formal men’s suit with a pair of casual shoes will add to the comfortable setting of a wedding away from home or a beach wedding. At a destination wedding, you can have a traditional, posh, or formal wedding on a beach front or you could get married in a chapel.

The beauty of a destination wedding, besides the location, of course, is that you can make the day flexible and perfect for you. It’s your big day so suit up, relax, smell the fresh air and get ready for the time of your life. This will be the best day of your life with the perfect destination to start with.

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