Wedding Day Tips for Groomsmen

So your best friend asked you to be his groomsman, awesome. What do you do next? Planning a wedding for the first time isn’t easy, but you can make it easy by following some advisable tips on when, how and what to do. It’s always good to take advice from someone who is already married and know the do’s and don’ts of planning a wedding. Here are some tips compiled for the modern groomsman to make the couple’s day extra special.

Tip 1: Make sure all the groomsmen have their suits in their bags and are at the wedding on time. If you don’t know the bridesmaids yet, make yourself acquainted to them, they are as important to the bride as you are to the groom.

Tip 2: Make a list of everything that needs to be done on the day and tick them off as you complete them. That includes making sure that the groom has booked the honeymoon well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Tip 3: Keep both the bride and groom’s rings safely with you until it’s time to exchange the rings or if there is a ring bearer make sure the rings are firmly tied onto the ring pillow. Also keep some tissues handy in case anyone at the alter might need one.

Tip 4: Make sure the groom has his vows before leaving the dressing room. If he can practice his speech before hand, it will be an advantage to him in case he should lose his notes.

Tip 5: When getting ready, all the groomsmen should all have the same men’s suits that were chosen by the groom. Do not drink before the wedding starts or before all speeches are done.

Tip 6: If you have to speak make sure you read through your speech and practice it. Make sure you wrote a short but to-the-point speech about your best friend. Always compliment the bridesmaids in your speech.

Tip 7: If there is a DJ, make sure he is organised and knows what songs to play and when. If you were asked to do a slide show, get the pictures well in advance from family members and friends of the bride and groom. Make sure the photographer is there and ready, and that he or she knows everyone related to the bride and groom.

Tip 8: Check that the groom’s wedding suit is ready as well as all the accessories for his wedding day. Be there to assist him in case he needs anything at the last minute. Give the groom a word of encouragement before he walks down the aisle.

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