Tips on How To Choose Men’s Fashion Suits and Accessories

Going to a function? Want to look good? Then dress up in a good men’s suit and some accessories that will complete your outfit. Every man wants to look good when going to a party, wedding or any function.

Choosing a men’s suit is easy, if you know what you want and the colour is what you are looking for. Remember to always take a suit that you can wear again after your function, maybe to church or another wedding. A good designer men’s suit is an investment piece for your wardrobe.

Choose a suit that fits your body properly. From top to bottom, sleeves to waist. If you are not sure what size you are, ask the salesman to take your measurements. They will measure your waist, the length of your legs and arms, also your neck size if you are taking a formal shirt to match your suit. This way you can choose a suit that is the correct size for your body or you can have an existing suit altered to your measurements. Having a suit fitted correctly to body will make you look well groomed.

Taking a tie that matches the colour of the function you are going to is important to note. You can also ask the salesmen to match it for you. Most ties normally come with a matching pocket handkerchief, which is placed on the inside of the little pocket on the left hand side of your jacket; whether formal or informal. There are also some cufflinks available that can be added at the end of your shirt’s sleeves once buttoned. There are different styles to choose from and they come in gold and silver. It is also complemented with a tie or collar pin or clip; this just rounds your formal shirt off beautifully and gives it a very elegant and classy look.

Make sure you buy everything long before your function, so if it needs tailoring, it can get done beforehand. The pants of the men’s suit may sometimes be a bit too long, but the salesman normally measures the pants and you can get it tailored, you can have a turn-up or just have it sewn on the inside of the pants leg. Remember to always take the same colour belt as your shoes, because when you take your jacket off your belt will be visible to the eye. The right colour socks is also very important, remember white socks are a definite no-no in the latest trends and for the modern men.

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