Men’s Suits: What To Wear on a Romantic Date

You’ve asked her out on a date and the excitement is mounting. You are preparing yourself by listing what to say, getting shaved and trimming your hair. You want to look your best because you are taking the girl to a classy and sophisticated restaurant. That means that you need to dress formally to be admitted. She’s probably going from store to store to decide what to wear. But you are, probably, doing the same thing.

For a romantic date, it is preferable that you wear a chic men’s suit. There are quite a few designer suits to choose from. There are also other suits that won’t be appropriate. For example, it would be very odd if you attend your date in a tuxedo or a wedding suit. That is too formal and not really appropriate for a date.

A slim fit suit usually makes any man look good and stylish. Because it is tailored to your body, it fits your body perfectly. When you try on a suit that you like and it doesn’t quite fit you, you can have it altered to your shape. Ice Men suits are stylish with an element of comfort and would be a great option for your date.

A blue suit indicates that you are trendy and know what you want. Navy blue and mid blue shades look great as evening wear when you are going to a sophisticated restaurant. The Lawry suit, which is available in a dark royal blue shade, is elegant but not too formal. It looks fantastic if you are going out for the night.

Once you’ve chosen your men’s suit, you need to decide on the shirt, tie, and cufflinks. A white shirt is always the best option if your suit is the focal point of your ensemble. Choose one that fits well on you. You can opt to go without a tie as it is a date night and not necessarily a formal function. Cufflinks are a good option as it can interpret your style and your date will see these often as you place your hands on the table to talk or eat.

It is best to put some thought into what you are going to wear on a date. Wearing an interesting men’s suit that represents your personality and style, will make you feel confident. This will make your partner feel special and know that she is worth the extra effort.

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