Interesting Ways to Ask Your Date to the Matric Farewell

I’m sure the excitement of the matric farewell is building up. All your friends are talking about it. The girls are looking at ball gowns and the guys are deciding on what formal men’s suits they are going to wear. While all this is happening, you need to decide on who will you take to the matric farewell unless you have already have girlfriend. And how are you going to ask your potential date to the matric farewell.

Well, here are some fun ideas to ask the girl you like to the matric farewell.

Call in to a radio show. Find out which radio show gives ‘shout-outs’ and call in. Beforehand, decide what you are going to say. It’s best to be prepared. Then instead of a ‘shout-out’ ask the girl over the radio if she will go with you to the matric farewell. It’s a good idea to get creative. If you can sing, then you could sing her favourite song before asking or you could write your own song with the lyrics being how much it would mean to you if she says yes to the date.

Serenade her. Go to her home dressed in an elegant men’s suit and serenade a song to her followed by asking her to the matric farewell. There are a few options that you could use here. If you are musical and can play an instrument like a guitar, that will add a great personal touch. Otherwise you could use a backing track and sing your own words.

Leave messages for her. If you know which classes she’s in, it’s better if she is already in your class then you can leave messages for her under her desk. Don’t make this too long, maybe only two messages. For example, in the first class write a note that says: ‘you are a beautiful and amazing lady.’ Then in the next class follow it up with the question to ask her to the matric farewell.

Create an online video. You can dress up in your matric ball suit. Yes, this one will take preparation. You will need to find a sophisticated men’s suit before you make the video. Decide on a theme for the video such as writing on a number of boards and showing them one at a time while playing romantic music. Or you could act out a fun movie scene followed by the question.

She won’t be able to say no.

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