How to Take Care of Your Men’s Suit

Your suit is the heart of your wardrobe and taking special care of each suit will make sure you get good use from each one of them. You will probably never buy anything more costly so bear this in my mind with the way you treat it. When you bought your suit the first time, the salesman would have given you a suit bag before leaving the store. The suit bag is already one way of how you can take care of your men’s suit. Here are a few more ways to take care of that expensive suit.

Treat it with utmost care

When you take your suit off make sure you hang it onto a wooden hanger. This not only takes care of your suit, it also keeps the shoulders of the jacket in shape. Make sure you put it back into the original garment bag it came with. The bag protects the suit from any dust or moisture that may fall onto it. Avoid squeezing the suit bag into your cupboard amongst your other garments. Always make sure that you rotate your suits as with shoes and shirts. Make sure that you at least have five good options which you can rotate the working week with. Dry clean your suit only, if necessary.

Always get the right size

Always buy the correct size. A tight suit will mean unnecessary tension on the cloth and as time goes by the fabric may tear or split. A simple seam split can be very embarrassing especially if it happens in public or at work.

Invest in an extra pair of trousers

It is highly recommended to buy an additional pair of pants if you can afford it. The more you alternate the trousers, the longer the usage of the suit. Trousers are normally the first part of a suit to wear out as it is worn more often at times, so buying an extra pair would be wise.

Avoid using the pockets of your pants

When wearing your men’s suit do not overload your pockets with a thick wallet or keys as this could easily split the linings and the cotton pocket can wear out and tear. This makes the suit look lumpy and will eventually lose its shape.

Steam iron or brush your suit

Press your suit regularly with a steam iron every time you wear it, this will open up fibres and help remove stains. This is a great way to remain crease free. Investing in a clothing brush is also recommended if you don’t have a steam iron as this works just as well. Brushing downwards removes light stains and dust on the jacket.

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