How to Include the Groom in the Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is not just for brides, the groom can also help to plan the happiest day of his life. It is his wedding too, after all, and working together on the best day of your lives should be priceless.

Placing the groom in charge of his half of the guest list will make him feel part of the whole event, especially if he can invite some of his old college or school friends. If you are doing the traditional registry, allow him to decide on some of the wedding gifts. Remember that he will also share the gifts and the cards you will receive.

The groom always chooses his groomsmen and the bride chooses her bridesmaids; these are normally the best friends, sisters or brothers. The groomsmen and bridesmaids normally play a role in the wedding which includes the toast or helping the bride getting dress, respectively. Leave the transportation decisions to the groom because any groom would jump for joy to organise the wedding car for his big day. The guys may get a chance to test drive all the exotic cars available for the wedding which will get the groom more excited about the wedding day.

If you’re hiring a DJ, have the groom choose some of the songs to use at the reception. If you’re having a budget wedding without a DJ then ask a willing tech-savvy guest or friend to handle the music for you. In this case, let the groom create a playlist to avoid any surprises on the wedding day.

Allow him to go with the groomsmen to choose their formal men’s suits, waistcoats and accessories. The groom’s suit should complement the bride’s wedding dress so it’s best to discuss the wedding attire before going suit hunting. If the groom knows what to look for, it makes it easier to find a great men’s suit. Discussing the theme of the wedding will help him to make sound decisions on what waistcoats and accessories to get in order to fit in with the rest of the wedding decor.

Even if it looks like he is not interested in helping, ask him to anyway. He might be stepping back so that you can have the wedding of your dreams but his input might help with certain decisions. Start the process with an open conversation and ask him what he would like to help with, rather than just assigning him things to do. Most guys will say that the bride can handle everything; but remember it’s his wedding too so get him involved. Working together on your wedding day will take a lot of pressure off both of you, and when the big day finally arrives, everyone will be relaxed.

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