Men’s Suit Tips for the Wedding Season

Yes, December is here and with it comes the holiday season and also the wedding season. Because there are more holidays, more weddings are planned for this period and you may find yourself being invited to numerous weddings and functions. For men, this seems to be a season that they don’t really worry about much. It’s generally the women that run about searching for evening dresses and cocktail dresses for the occasion. But men shouldn’t fall behind this season because their outfits are just as important, especially if they want to complement the lady in their life.

I want to point out a few tips that will help men to get through this wedding and function season.

Tip 1: Find a suit that is specifically suited to your body shape. If you wear a suit that is too big, you will appear untidy because the fit will look baggy. If you wear a suit that is too small, you could end up looking like a stuffed sausage; and nobody wants that. It’s also just way too uncomfortable to be enjoyable. Before you buy the suit, try it on and scrutinise the fit from every angle. You want to make sure that you are able to sit comfortably as well as move and dance easily in the suit.

Tip 2: The colour of the suit is important. This may seem trivial to men, but finding a suit that is the right shade is necessary. Consider what your partner will be wearing then select a suit that will complement her dress. If she wears a red dress, it may be good idea to choose a black suit with a red shirt and black tie. This will look stylish and elegant. Or if your lady wears a brown dress, you could opt for a brown suit too. Perhaps pair with a white shirt and a black tie. This will create an interesting look for the two of you.

Tip 3: Wear a lightweight cotton shirt. It is December and that means that it is summer in the southern hemisphere. So it is quite warm. If you are wearing a suit, you could heat up very quickly. Choose a lightweight breathable shirt that will allow your body to remain cool when you remove your suit jacket.

These are three tips that will get your through the decision-making part of the wedding and function season. So go out there and get yourself a stylish suit, take lots of photos and enjoy yourself.


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