How To Choose a Suit For a Corporate Function

Choosing a suit for a corporate function can be more detailed than what you would think. You have to consider the type of corporate function you’ll be attending, the dress code, your body shape as well as your personal taste in fashion. Here is some advice on what to look for.

Suits for Corporate Functions.

Many corporate functions are high in visibility. Suits for corporate functions should be chosen carefully. The trend in the style of men’s suits may depend on the corporate image the business chooses to project. Men’s fashion trends in men’s suit styles change. For example, a double breasted men’s suit style is less prominent today than in the past. To learn how to choose a suit for a corporate function, take a cue from the corporate image the specific business prefers.

The Corporate Look for Corporate Functions.

One clue to how to choose a suit for a corporate function is to take note of the colour of suits worn most often by male executives of the business. Certain businesses demand their male staff choose a specific colour for suits. For example, the world famous Johnson & Johnson Corporation’s male employees wear only single breasted, dark blue suits in summer or winter. Other businesses may prefer grey, black or brown suits. This may also apply to the cut of the suit, fabric and men’s fashion demands by the business for a single or double breasted suit. Given the high visibility of male staff at corporate functions, following company guidelines regarding suits is advisable.

Adapting Personal Tastes in Suits.

The investment in a suit for business is one that can help men adapt their usual personal tastes to the need for corporate image. Choose the suit designer carefully whether from the men’s apparel rack or from a designer’s collection. Most men find it necessary to select suits for colder and warmer temperatures in order to feel, comfortable and confident when appearing at corporate functions. The same predetermined corporate image applies to ties and other accessories. White shirts, ties, shoes and handkerchiefs are generally part of the accepted corporate image unless the company states otherwise.

Choosing the Correct Fabric of Your Suit.

Many mens suits are made of poly-viscose material and they are available with different finishes such as a matt finish and a shimmer/shiny finish. The quality you choose will determine the life span of your suit. The main advantage of this type of fabric is that they are lightweight and more affordable. However, the disadvantage is that they cannot breathe very well, so it’s better to opt for the poly viscose suit if you are sitting in an air-conditioned office. If you are on the move and meeting clients, you going to be sweating like crazy in a poly viscose suit.

Other fabric options available are wool and wool viscose. These suits can breathe easily which is suitable for all climates as they are warm in winter yet cool in summer. They are also much better in quality and last much longer. Wool suits don’t really crease much and it would be ideal for the person that wears suits day in and out, i.e. for the corporate type. Their disadvantage is that they are heavier in weight compared to the poly-viscose suit and more expensive.

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