How to Choose a Matric Ball Suit

Being a matric student is both fun and stressful. Fun because it’s your last year of school and it’s your matric ball. Stressful because it’s the final year and your exams count more than ever. But let’s rather focus on the happy and fun times of the matric ball. This is the time when the girls normally get excited searching for a ball gown for the occasion but this is also a time when the boys need to get their attire sorted for the matric ball.

As a guy, how do you choose the ideal matric ball suit?

What are the current trends? For a young man, you need to be current and have to look your best. You will need to find a suit that is in keeping with the current men’s fashion trends when it comes to formal wear. The current trend is to be unique and to wear suits that are fitted to your body, namely a slim fit suit. Those large, baggy fit suits are not ‘in’ anymore. Lately, young men wear fitted suits that conform to their body shape. Also suits are designed with more charm in mind. You’ll find suits that are two-toned suits are statement pieces. Ice Men suits design such interesting to the two-tone suits that are ideal for matric farewells and formal functions.

What is your partner going to wear? You need to speak to your matric ball partner and find out what kind of a dress she’ll be wearing and what colour it is. Your suit should match the style and colour of her dress. If she wears a formal princess ball gown then it will be appropriate for you to wear a tuxedo. If she wears a gold dress, it would be ideal if you incorporate gold into your matric ball suit. This would be a great opportunity for you to wear the Ice Men beige men’s suit. You could include the gold colour in the tie and waistcoat and wear a cream colour suit. Or you could wear a bold red jacquard tuxedo if she is wearing a red dress. This will look stylish and you will both make an amazing couple.

What is your personal style? Your matric ball suit should reflect your personal style and what you like. There’s no point choosing a suit that your father likes or wore to his matric farewell. Find a suit and the suit accessories that you want. If you are a more daring character then choose the bold colour suit and the unique cut that you prefer. In this case, you might prefer a daring plum tuxedo or a cool high fashion white suit.

When choosing a men’s suit for your matric ball, it’s important to consider what the current men’s fashion trends are, what your partner is going to wear and your personal style. Now you are ready to go out and try on some fashionable men’s suits.

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