How Does Men’s Fashion Impact a Job Interview?

The interview is, without a doubt, the time to make the very best first impression. Dressing up in a stylish formal men’s suit and looking professional is an impression that will last beyond the interview day. Remember that first impressions last. Here are the men’s fashion items that you need to consider when going on a job interview.

  • Formal Shirt

A long sleeve white cotton dress shirt is still the epitome of classic dressing. Although blue dress shirts are quite popular now, play it safe by sticking with white. Ensure that your shirt is clean and ironed. They may be circumstances in which you do not expect to remove your jacket but there’s always a chance that you might.

  • Men’s Suit

Wear a formal men’s suit to a job interview. If you don’t have a suit in your closet, go out and buy a good suit. You can never go wrong when buying a new suit because you can always wear it again on another occasion. A good quality wool suit will probably cost more; but if you buy a traditional version, it won’t go out of style and can last a lifetime with regular cleaning and maintenance.

  • Ties and Socks

Get a stylish traditional silk tie with some red or blue in it. Red is the colour of passion and blue is the colour of trust. Stay away from ties with large or unflattering stripes or ties featuring your favorite cartoon character. Stick to the basic colours when it comes to your socks. Socks should match each other and your suit.

  • Shoes and Accessories

Wing tips, formal dress shoes, or loafers will complete your look. Be sure to polish your shoes for a remarkable shine. Don’t over accessorize. A watch is enough. Carry a portfolio or notebook and never a back pack.

You may be applying for a “casual dress” job, but you should always dress up for the interview. The way you dress and look as you enter the room plays a major role in your first impression. A conservative approach with a dark-coloured men’s suit, a white shirt and tie is the safest approach to make a good impression.

The way you dress for an interview also conveys how you feeling about the company and the job you want. When you dress professionally, you convey an attitude of respect for the organization, the job and the hiring manager. To be successful you have to look the part.

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