Five Romantic Proposal Ideas

It’s the month of love and we all want to be romantic. If you have been with your girlfriend for a year or two, then you are probably thinking of popping the question. You want to be romantic and the proposal needs to be memorable. It should also ensure that she says yes.

Here are five romantic proposal ideas.

    1. Take your girlfriend on a sunset drive. This one is great for the element of surprise. She won’t suspect a thing, especially if you tell her that you just want to get bread for the next day. Drive her to a high point where you can see the whole city or where you can look out on a mountain or a large forestry area. My friend pulled over on the side of a road, there was a make-shift parking area so they were safe, and looked over the mother city. Tell your girlfriend how you feel about her. At this point the sunset should be glowing reddish orange. Take out the ring and ask her to marry you. The moment will be overwhelming for her because it’s unexpected. But she’ll, surely, say yes.
    1. Go to a botanical garden. Take your girlfriend on a walk through the luscious flora in your favourite botanical garden. Then make your way to the water feature. While she admires the water feature, get the ring ready. As she looks at you, go down on one knee. Tell her what she means to you and how much you love her. Then, ask her to marry you.
    1. Propose on a mountain. This will depend if you live in a mountainous area. You can either hike to the top or take a cable car. The view of the world will be amazing from such a high peak. The overwhelming moment of feeling on top of the world presents a great moment to pop the question.
    1. Plan a surprise party with her family and closest friends. Take the time to tell her friends and family of the plan. Plan a party where they will be hidden away until she says yes. Tell her to get dressed up for a night out, while you don a stylish formal men’s suit. When she arrives she will see the house is decorated but no one is in sight but you. Then start with your proposal. When she says yes, everyone comes out of hiding with big shout.
  1. Make a proposal video. Make a video of your happy moments together as a couple. Invite her over for dinner and a movie. The movie is the video. She’ll wonder what is going on but you can watch it together. When it ends, take out the ring and ask her to marry you.

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