Accessories That Complement Boy’s Suits

You know, girls are not the only ones who have accessories. Boys have a lot of options when it comes to accessorizing too. You will find many accessories that will give your little boy’s outfit the extra edge it needs. There are often times in a boy’s life when formal wear is required. Having at least one suit, a fancy dress shirt and a few extra different colour ties, he can look different every time it’s worn.

For a boy it is almost considered a necessity since many occasions may dictate that a suit is worn. Weddings, church gatherings and fancy parties may all require this type of outfit. Most of the time to complement these suits, one would start by giving the boy a vest set which consists of a vest, tie or bowtie, cumberband and handkerchief. Boys’ ties are available in a pre-tied version and a clip-on version. There’s also an elasticated belt option which is ideal because it can still be used as they grow. There are also reversible belts available in black and brown which can be worn with different colour suits.

Remember to match the belt with his shoes so that it always complements each other. For the boys who don’t like wearing belts; suspenders are also an option and they are adjustable. They, too, come in different colours and sizes. To complete the boy’s outfit there are formal shoes and dress socks available. There are endless options to choose from when you mix and match various dress shirts with different ties. V-neck sweaters are another option if your boy doesn’t like a formal vest set. This can be worn without a tie and with a suit jacket, a formal blazer or sports jacket.

Boys can wear a dress shirt, a tie, formal pants and black shoes. He can opt to go without a jacket. When wearing a tuxedo he can accessorize by adding a stud and cufflink set to his dress shirt and a tie pin on his tie if he prefers to wear one. For a white tie event a top hat, white gloves and cane will complement his outfit which will look so adorable. With a boy’s tuxedo, plain black dress socks are the most appropriate choice. If the event your boy is attending is considered black tie, choose a white pocket square for the classic boy’s suit look. Black tuxedo shoes must be worn as these are far different from the basic black shoes.

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